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Energy-saving programs

Energy savings and long-lasting equipment are precisely what every modern industrial company aims for. We are energy-saving specialists who help optimize energy consumption.

ES directives for energy efficiency are getting stricter.

Energy efficiency requirements in Lithuania and Europe are increasing. Activities are encouraged to go green, reduce CO2 emissions, and environmental impact. Currently, there are over 8 billion electric motors in operation in Europe, consuming about 50% of all electricity produced in EU countries. With the enforcement of tightened EU directives, starting from July 1, 2021, factories are required to use motors with an efficiency not lower than IE3. From July 1, 2023, the requirement becomes even more stringent – the use of motors with not less than IE4 efficiency, with a nominal power from 75 kW to 200 kW.

Is the efficiency of electric motors 100%?

Due to thermal and copper losses, and reactive power, achieving 100% efficiency is impossible. Efficiency further decreases with improper technical maintenance and repairs, when old technology components are chosen. The efficiency of V-belt transmission systems can be reduced to 3%. Wear of pump impellers or cavitation is another factor directly affecting the decline in equipment efficiency and higher electrical energy losses. Improper lubrication of bearings and imbalance of fan impellers can cause faults in the electric motor bearings and winding, leading to unplanned downtimes. During repairs, when replacing the motor winding, its efficiency can decrease by up to 8% each time.

We perform theoretical calculations of the efficiency of electric motors, provide unique solutions tailored to specific company needs, carry out modernization, replace components if necessary, and upgrade to a more modern electric motor. After the work is done, we calculate the practical savings. According to theoretical calculations, one device can operate more efficiently, saving up to 30% of electrical energy. These are truly motivating numbers for companies seeking to save. Typically, the investment pays off within one to two years, and in the following years, the company saves an equivalent amount. This can be used as a competitive advantage by reducing the cost of produced goods. It also reduces the environmental impact of CO2.

We are the first company in Lithuania to become an official ABB value-added partner in 2022. We are currently the sole ABB technical distributors in the country. Our engineers provide consultation and assistance in selecting the most suitable electric motors for various industrial sectors, offer post-warranty repairs, as well as equipment maintenance services in our workshops or at the customer’s site.