Fast-speed shaft repair works

Fast-speed shaft defect identification, repair works, and all necessary parts.

Fast-speed shaft repair works are particularly relevant in the furniture industry, where wood processing machines are used. The fast-speed shaft, also known as the ‘spindle,’ is one of the most crucial mechanical elements in the wood processing process.

We identify and evaluate the performance of the fast-speed shaft, select parts, and perform repair works. A milling head is mounted on the fast-speed shaft, which cleans the surface of the board from fibers and removes any irregularities. Working at high speeds (up to 60 thousand revolutions per minute), the fast-speed shaft requires special attention, as even a small defect inside the spindle, in mechanical components, can lead to inaccurate milling, and the production will be defective.

If the parts are selected properly and measurement works are performed correctly, you can rest assured that the bearings will not burn or deteriorate due to high temperatures. These repair works are most commonly encountered in older mechanisms (older types of castings).

We have accumulated extensive experience in fast-speed shaft repair, analyze and evaluate emerging problems, provide consultations, and offer you the most favorable solutions for your case. Repair works are carried out at our service centers in Vilnius and Klaipėda