Fan repairs

Fan diagnostics, defect and fault identification, dynamic impeller balancing

Fans are widely used in all industrial sectors and serve not only ventilation, but also dust extraction, room drying, equipment cooling, air heating or air conditioning. The main purpose of industrial fans is to cause air movement in the room. It is also one of the most energy-intensive devices.

Diagnosis, identification of defects and faults in industrial fans.

Our customers notice fan faults when the equipment starts to vibrate strongly and the noise level increases. To accurately identify faults, we perform vibrodiagnostics, which measure bearing damage and vibration sources. The most common faults detected are unusable and vibration-causing motor bearings, microcracks detected by stroboscope, incorrect position of the motor leg, incorrect or no axial alignment of shafts, etc.

Once the fan parts have been inspected, repaired, replaced and the bearings properly lubricated, the equipment is again diagnosed to measure the vibrations and their origin. This is followed by balancing work. When all the equipment is in working order, dynamic balancing of the fan impeller is carried out.