Conveyor service

Full 24/7 conveyor service, spare components and storage

Having manufactured conveyor belts ourselves for many years, we can safely say that we know practically everything about them. Today, our specialists’ years of experience help customers solve all their conveyor-related problems.

We service all types of conveyors and supply all the necessary parts.

Conveyors are used in almost all industries. They are not complex machines, so we can provide fast and inexpensive servicing. Depending on the conditions under which they are used, conveyors can be of different designs, sizes and capacities. For a conveyor to work consistently, it needs regular inspection and preventive maintenance of its mechanisms and structures: regular lubrication, anti-jamming of roller bearings, timely replacement of seals and gaskets, and checking the operation of the gearbox are important.

We can keep your conveyors running smoothly 24/7. We will take care of all the maintenance and servicing, repairs, automation, and proper lubrication to keep your conveyors running smoothly, efficiently, and without downtime.

We can offer all the components for conveyors: legs, rails, slides, rollers. All spare parts can be supplied and stocked at the customer’s workplace with a long-term contract. We’ll make sure you never run out of them, and our technicians will replace and service them on time.