Reducer repairs

Endoscope diagnostics and repair using the shaft repair sleeve method

The reducer is a very important piece of equipment used in slower conveyors where high force transmission is required. They can be used for mixing concrete, transferring heavy weights, transmitting power to the crane rails and wheels, and lifting the crane weight. Also in simpler applications such as a grocery conveyor in a shop for groceries.

We are a pioneer in gearbox assembly in Lithuania, offering a wide range of services related to gearboxes.

Narvija was one of the first companies in Klaipėda to offer a gearbox assembly service. When we started working in the gearbox assembly shop, we noticed a great demand from our customers for gearbox servicing: bearing replacement, oil filling. We can say that this service was the beginning of Narvija service, the success of which has encouraged us to develop and achieve greater goals.

The most common problems with gearboxes are worn shaft seals and gear teeth that are no longer able to transmit power properly. Bearing and lubrication problems, where improper maintenance leads to worn gear pairs and disintegrating bearings. Seal failures. As the gearbox is filled with oil, its sealing must be properly ensured. This is not only because oil can leak and damage the equipment through friction, but also because of environmental concerns and the high demands of the food industry’s production process.

where we can inspect the gear pairs without disassembling the machine. We know how to restore gear shafts properly – a highly complex, time-consuming and precise job. We also use a faster method, Speedi-Sleeve, a method used by our partner SKF to repair shaft bushings, which identifies shaft wear problems caused by seals and repairs the shaft without having to disassemble the entire gearbox.