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The successfully implemented energy-saving project at AB KAUNO GRŪDAI.

We are pleased with the first and especially successful implementation of the energy-saving project entrusted by our long-standing client – AB KAUNO GRŪDAI, as, like most modern manufacturing companies, they sought optimal solutions to help save.

Narvija – the first company in Lithuania to become an official ABB value-added partner in 2022. We are the exclusive ABB technical distributors in the country. Our engineers provide consultation and assistance in selecting the most suitable electric motors for various industrial sectors, offer post-warranty repairs, as well as equipment maintenance services in our workshops or at the customer’s site.

Narvija’s Proposal for KAUNO GRŪDAI

A few years ago (with a significant increase in electricity prices), KAUNO GRŪDAI and ABB conducted preliminary calculations for energy savings, indicating that the most energy could be saved by replacing powerful, 24/7 operating old motors with new ones. We have been closely collaborating with KAUNO GRŪDAI for several years, providing technical support in production. In 2022, we became an ABB value-added partner and a certified ABB electric motor expert. Both partners entrusted us to implement this project.

By mutual agreement, we decided to increase the efficiency of electric motors at KAUNO GRŪDAI using ABB’s innovative electric motors. Firstly, together with ABB, we performed repeated payback calculations to preliminarily provide the client with information on how long the investment in more efficient electric motors would pay off and how much the client could save during the operational period.

To ensure that the calculations were not purely theoretical and to evaluate the situation as accurately as possible, we chose an old 250 kW expander motor and connected it to our data analysis devices, which allowed us to monitor the energy consumption of this motor. We found that during 7 test days, the consumption was 15,167.47 kWh.

Project Progress

Based on theoretical calculations, KAUNO GRŪDAI had no doubt that significant savings could be achieved. Therefore, they decided to replace the old motors with new IE4 Super Premium Efficiency electric motors. To verify the more efficient energy consumption of the new motors, the test was repeated with the same equipment expander but using the new ABB 250 kW, 400 V (3GBP352220-ADM) motor. The 7-day retest showed a reduction in consumption to 4,011.96 kWh.

We started developing the project in July 2022 and fully implemented it in May 2023. The electric motors were installed during production stops to avoid downtime and additional costs for our client. Most of the technical work on the project was carried out by Narvija’s service experts.

Key Facts

Number of electric motors purchased: 11 units of ABB IE4 Super Premium Efficiency

Annual savings of all new motors: over 900,000 kWh (depending on production load and actual operating time)

Expected payback time for this project: 12-18 months

Project duration: Almost a year

Unplanned production downtime due to motor replacement work: 0 hours

Energy consumption of the measured old motor (250 kW) per year: 788,708 kWh

Energy consumption of the measured new ABB 250 kW, 400 V (3GBP352220-ADM) electric motors per year: 580,086 kWh


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