Repair of water and industrial pumps, mixers.

Industrial pump failure, impeller repair, energy-saving programs.

Industrial pumps are used for various fluid transfer applications. When properly selected, they operate for a long time, efficiently, and require minimal maintenance. They are commonly used for pumping fluids of various temperatures, such as water and other transparent, non-viscous liquids. They can also be customized for applications involving wastewater systems or aggressive chemicals, as well as in the food industry, where they handle viscous masses like yogurt or abrasive fluids such as sugar.

We can perform repair works on various types of industrial pumps and mixers.

The most common problem with industrial pumps is the wear and tear of mechanical seals and bearings. The most significant negative impact on the operation of an industrial pump is caused by the wear of the impeller. Several main factors contribute to this wear. One of them is mechanical damage, where debris or other solid materials enter the impeller with the pumped fluid. Another factor is cavitation, where low pressure creates vapor bubbles that explode under higher pressure. Abrasive or chemical wear occurs when the impeller’s metal integrity is gradually compromised. Even if it is made of stainless steel, it may corrode over time, leading to a noticeable decrease in performance. The flow of the pump’s fluid becomes unstable, the service life of bearings and seals is shortened, the pump generates vibrations, and starts operating noisily.

We perform the identification of defects in industrial pumps: inspect the quality and condition of the impeller, conduct test hydraulic tests to check the efficiency coefficient. We replace the impeller, refill the oil, and change mechanical seals and motor bearings.

After evaluating the performance of your industrial pump and conducting the necessary measurements for an audit, we can provide energy-efficient and more efficient pump solutions. By replacing your old pump with a smaller, even less powerful one, we achieve the same or even higher performance with lower energy consumption.