For more than 60 years, the Italian company ROSSI has worked in various industrial sectors, creating products designed for use in different conditions. In the international market, this has allowed them to become leaders in the production of electric motors and gear reducers. Even in the most challenging conditions, ROSSI finds technological solutions that meet customer expectations. It is a consistently growing manufacturer that primarily focuses on customer needs and the possibilities of applying advanced technologies.

ROSSI History

Rossi’s history began in 1953 in Modena, Italy. This city is also known as the “capital of engines” because it is home to Italy’s most famous sports car factories. Rossi established itself in the Italian market and later became well-regarded and recognized internationally.

Today, Rossi is one of the leading industrial groups worldwide, manufacturing and trading gear reducers and electric motors. The company is part of the Habasit Group, a global leader in the belt industry operating in over 70 countries.

ROSSI Quality

Rossi is highly regarded for its craftsmanship, reliability, and quality. ROSSI quality signifies professionalism and an initiative-driven approach to caring for each individual customer. ROSSI pioneered the worm gear industry, adopting ISO 9001 standards and takes pride in its technology, which has received industry recognition over the years. All products meet essential industry regulations.


ROSSI’s primary goal today is to inspire the market and anticipate the future by creating solutions for the evolving industry. New research is initiated, and products are improved to satisfy the growing needs of customers in the modern digital age.

ROSSI specializes in the chemical, construction, food, marine, metal, mining, plastic, rubber, power, sugar, and waste industries.