Since 1978, tribology has been the greatest passion of OKS. Clients from industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and processing companies appreciate the high quality and reliability of OKS products: reduced friction problems, extended technical maintenance cycles, cost savings, and minimal environmental impact. OKS offers the widest range of lubricants, cleaners, corrosion protection, pastes, and dry lubricants. Narvija is the only official representative of OKS in Lithuania.

Sustainability Policy

By aligning its production with a sustainability policy, OKS has set high goals. It continuously measures its production indicators, evaluates them, analyzes, and applies improvements. One of the main goals is to provide a safe working environment not only for OKS employees but also for those working with OKS products.

The safety of OKS products is also linked to environmental protection, so considerable attention is given to energy conservation, emission reduction, resource efficiency, optimization of technical maintenance cycles, and waste reduction.

Lubricant Testing

OKS conducts constant lubricant tests in its laboratory to ensure maximum performance and reliability of their products. Various testing methods are used to examine and evaluate various tribological system variables that impact the development and quality assurance of lubricants. The gathered characteristics describe the chemical/physical properties of the lubricant, allowing an assessment of its suitability for specific applications.

Industrial Lubricants

OKS produces lubricants suitable for numerous industrial sectors and can tailor them to individual customer needs by assessing friction type, production loads, environmental conditions, or specific industry standards.

Lubricants and oils are designed for industries such as railways, chemicals, automotive, iron and steel, food, glass casting, rubber and plastic, municipal services, logistics, paper, shipping, and many others.