KTR is a German company with over 50 years of experience in power transmission systems and is one of the leading global suppliers of couplings, clamping sets, hydraulic components, brake systems, and other power transmission elements. The slogan “Made For Motion” perfectly encapsulates the company’s vision and goals – designed to move forward.

Setting Standards

Since its founding in 1959, KTR has rapidly grown in almost every field it ventured into. A strong innovative spirit and the courage to adopt unconventional solutions led to the creation of the widely known and used BoWex® coupling, designed to transmit torque between the gearbox and driven components through curved tooth hubs and a nylon sleeve.

Shortly after, ROTEX®, the first coupling of this brand, became a DIN (German Deutsches Institut für Normung) standard.


Many companies worldwide claim to care about sustainability. KTR genuinely cares. For the past 10 years, KTR has operated the “KTR Green Company,” a company that, by its positive example, aims to show how it can help nature and reduce environmental impact: energy conservation, recycling of cardboard waste, and more. In its headquarters in Reine, KTR has installed a green wall that removes fine dust from the room, produces oxygen, and even creates a new living space for insects.

KTR Today

In addition to numerous standard, well-known projects, KTR creates more than 20,000 new improvements and product versions for its customers every year. To maintain high standards, they continuously innovate, thinking about the future: building new research and production centers to further improve their products and help customers solve daily challenges more efficiently.

With 24 subsidiaries and over 90 sales partners worldwide, KTR ensures that customers receive assistance promptly, and industrial processes run smoothly.