CODEX is a easily recognizable brand in the industrial world, producing high-quality, reliable bearings, bearing units, and all their components. Since 1993, it has had more than 400 official distributors for its products, serving customers in over 40 countries across 5 continents.

Quality Guarantee

The quality of Codex is not a coincidence. Using advanced testing and measurement equipment, along with strict and effective quality control, it ensures complete product traceability – every batch of products delivered to the customer meets the highest quality standards. Tests and inspection procedures are related to the life cycle of Codex products.

Product testing and quality checks are carried out in Europe and Shanghai and include checks on dimensions, materials, physical and functional parameters, and many others.

Building a Community

Codex brings together a community that aims to create a company culture, promote innovation, flexibility, and speed in all work processes. For over 27 years, it has been creating and maintaining long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, local communities, and its employees. Attention, knowledge, and trust are the core values of Codex. The goal is the highest quality in all aspects of work, especially in product manufacturing and service provision.