Grundfos is a global leader in water pump technologies. They not only develop water system solutions but also set standards for innovation, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Grundfos pumps are designed to efficiently and reliably supply water wherever it is needed: providing quality drinking water for people, irrigation water for fields, water for industrial processes and building heating or cooling systems, as well as wastewater disposal.

Grundfos Origins

In 1945, Poul Due Jensen couldn’t find a sufficiently high-quality pump to irrigate his local farm from a depth of 7 meters. As a result, he created one in his basement, naming it Foss 1. In 1944, he established a small company in the basement of his private villa, and within just five years, the pumps he created were being exported internationally.

From the very beginning, innovation became the driving force for Grundfos, with key values being social responsibility and employee development. These principles are firmly upheld to this day.

Grundfos and Narvija

Narvija is an official, certified Grundfos service partner in Lithuania. We perform all service and repair work related to this manufacturer’s products, using only original parts for the equipment. We undergo regular audits, and the certificates we receive confirm that our services meet the highest standards set by the supplier.