Founded in 1906, CHIORINO is a well-known and highly regarded company worldwide, manufacturing conveyor and power transmission belts widely used in various industrial sectors. Their products are known for their high resistance to impact and abrasion, quiet operation, durability, attractive pricing, and energy efficiency.


Scientific research and innovation have accompanied CHIORINO since its inception. The company creates and designs specific solutions, anticipating market trends. It guarantees outstanding quality while being environmentally friendly, conserving natural resources, and adhering to the strictest international standards.

CHIORINO can meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers and end-users working worldwide in industries such as food, packaging, logistics, aviation, paper, textiles, processing, and many others.


CHIORINO has always recognized the importance of a sustainable approach at every stage of the production process, adhering to strict international standards and receiving the highest-rated certifications in environmental and auditing systems. Environmental consciousness continues to drive the creation of sustainable solutions aimed at optimizing overall customer ownership costs by reducing product waste, conserving water, and saving energy.

Quality and Safety

CHIORINO’s solutions are focused on ensuring overall product and process safety and risk reduction, especially in the food industry, which is subject to particularly high European and international regulations to protect the activities of original equipment manufacturers, industrial customers, and the health of end consumers.

The primary goal is to create safe, efficient, sustainable, and high-quality products for all industries.