Since 1871, KSB has been creating industrial pumps, valves, and providing all related services. These are efficient and reliable solutions wherever there is a need to transport and control fluid transmission. It includes everything from products for the construction industry, custom-made units for the mining and energy sectors to special solutions for water or chemical transport – all high-quality pumps and valves.


Innovation has been the driving force behind KSB’s successful operations for 150 years. Their principles are based on consistent research and development, creativity, and perseverance, focusing on the needs of customers and the market. Products are always at the forefront, addressing the challenges customers face every day.

Innovative business models, based on the latest technologies, pave the way for modern services and manufacturing methods, such as additive manufacturing or predictive maintenance using special applications on smart devices.

Innovation Laboratory

KSB has established an award-winning business innovation laboratory dedicated to purposefully creating new ideas for digital business models, products, and services. A team of young and experienced experts collaborates with customers to create innovative solutions for industrial pumps and valves. The team also develops models for the company’s digital transformation.


KSB understands the significant importance of sustainability in the modern world and acknowledges its responsibility to the environment and society. They make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change by working ecologically and responsibly.

KSB has oriented its processes and working environment to use energy and resources as efficiently as possible and to support sustainable production.